"Mohound is really helping us find users and get installs globally in the most efficient way, getting users is no longer a problem for our company" Akira, CEO & Co-Founder, Unda

"Managing and optimizing campaigns for several games was a time draining task before Mohound, now we can focus on what we love: games for kids" Manolo, CEO & Co-Founder, Yogome


Conversion trackig

Conversion tracking

With powerful device fingerprinting technology you will be able to clearly know where the best paying, or the cheapest, users are coming to your app.

Conversion trackig


Why bother loging into all the networks to create, update and fetch results from campaigns? You can have it all fully automated in a central location.

Conversion trackig

Smarter buying

Having a smart AI taking decisions every hour to reach your marketing objectives will provide you results like you've never seen before.

About us

CEO & Co-Founder
Built and ran a mobile gaming studio, experiencing firsthand app growth challenges. Foodie, likes design and videogames.
CTO & Co-Founder
Former Ooyala engineer, hackathon winner and open source contributor. Homebrews and runs like crazy on his free time.
Deep analyst and organizational master. She's been buying a lot of ads lately. Expert in Art History